Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Humour will see you through!

A much needed tool in the toolbox of a parent with a child with special needs, and at times the only one that will get you through, is humour. I'm delighted to share a prime example, written by my friend, fellow special needs parent and author Mel Hodgkinson. It cracked me up, hope you like it too!

"Jacob came home with his class weekly timetable today. Parts in brackets are my additions .

Personalised Focus Work (aka "please just sit still for five minutes. No, focusing personally doesn't mean admiring yourself in the mirror."

Registration/Communication. (aka "is he still in the room? I turn my back for three seconds ....").

English (aka - this is where Jacob expands his vocabulary as he debates whether he should be participating in this subject, or climbing on the radiators. Key arguments to include "okay then," "bye," "see you soon,", "never mind okay then", "later," "then later", "we will rock you" and "steamboat shenanigans." Teacher's response to be determined).

Physical Activity (aka- "this should help to calm him down").

PHSE - (aka - "Why we do not look down the teacher's blouse or grab great handfuls of the TA's hair and try and swing on it").

Maths (aka "do I still have all my marbles?")

Planned Social Interaction/Circle Time (aka Jacob maintaining his reputation as an international child of mystery by refusing to answer any question).

Lunch (aka "food! He keeps quiet and still when there's food!")

Physical Activity. (aka "well, the first bout of PE only served to give him a new burst of energy. But this time he'll definitely be calmer.")

Taught PHSE (aka "why it is not appropriate to look down the TA's blouse or grab great handfuls of the teacher's hair and try and swing from it.")

Geography/History (aka "where am I? When did I get here? Every thing's just a blur!")

Sensory Integration/Physical Activity (aka "what do you mean he's as lively as ever? Jacob, sensory integration does not mean picking your nose!")

Music with another class (aka "Jacob, stop drumming on the radiators. Get off the radiators. No, you can't play 'Another One Bites the Dust' on the Glockenspiel.")"

reproduced with permission

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